Bruton Music & Xtortion Audio

В ролике две музыкальные композиции:
1. Bruton Music — Ignite
2. Xtortion Audio — K.I.L.L

Bruton Music —
Library label based in London and founded in 1977 by Robin Phillips. Named after Bruton Street where it was originally formed.

Michael Jackson purchased the company in 1982, but sold it to the Zomba Group in 1985. Zomba operated the group as part of their Zomba Production Music division. In 2002, BMG purchased the Zomba Group and amalgamated their production division to create the BMG Zomba Production Music, which Bruton is still a part of. BMG Zomba Production Music was eventually sold to Universal Publishing Production Music.

Xtortion Audio —
Non-Stop Trailers — Trailer Music for Film, TV and Video Games.


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