Children Space (Дети Космоса)

В ролике одна музыкальная композиция:
1. Florian Bur — Welcome to my world

Florian Bur —

«Florian Bur was born on 13 April 1987. Already in kindergarten sat a native of Solothurn (SUI) on a piano, listening to the sounds that he drew from the instrument. Even now his absolute passion is still the piano.

With its distinctive ear for music he composes songs that go straight to the heart and challenge the imagination of the listener. Every song by him bears his unmistakable signature.

In his life, Florian Bur has walked through many ups and downs. Now he seems to have arrived at the place where he wants to stay. This is reflected in his music again. With his new album «Music Makes You Strong», the composer shows a new side of his scores. With every song he tells a story from his life.”

SoundCloudFlorianBur —


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